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One of first 500 of contract C14498 with leg shields

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More parts keep turning up.

Found another frame today in south west France, near the Spanish border. I walked right past it, but my friend Al said " isn't that a rigid 16h frame ? ". It was outside an old car repair garage. The owner had a few more bits in the back shed, a toolbox, rear mudguard and stays, rough front guard, barrel & head, dolls head gearbox ( one lug broken off ), magdyno, rear stand and a few more odds & sods in a box. He said I can have the lot for 150 Euros. How could I refuse ! I couldn't take it today, as I was riding my old 1950 Panther 100, but I'm going back tomorrow to pick it all up in my Citroen 2cv.

Re: More parts keep turning up.

Is the toolbox with a lock or a screw ? If with a lock, guard it with your life :-)

I'm actively looking for a 1939 or early-1940 dated E3HM.L/0 dynamo if you happen across one...maybe with the mag if it's similarly dated.

Re: More parts keep turning up.

Yes, the tool box has the key lock on it. I'll take some photos tomorrow. Can I put photos on here ?

Re: More parts keep turning up.

You can post photos but it requires an external hosting service. I use imgbb. It's free and straightforward..choose the HTML full linked option.

The locking toolbox was used 1936 - 1940, but earlier versions were narrow, as per civilian. The wide WD type holds quite a bit more - Not that you'll need tools all that often on a WD16H :-)