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pic of upper oil tank mount

I try to rebuild the upper oil tank mount. Could anybody here provide a pic of the original part?
Thx in advance,

Re: pic of upper oil tank mount

They seem to vary - always the same length of strip but unequally bent. I suspect that they were selectively assembled according to oil tank and more particularly, the position of the frame cross-tube. This sketch which I made some time ago shows two which I had and which arrived on different oil I recall, to fit my frame, I had to use the bracket that came with the other tank !

Also shown is the two-piece fibre spacer which sits between mudguard and cross tube. I believe that these can also vary in length.


Here's how it fits :-


That said, if you found yourself fitting it the other way up, with the slot on the frame side, I wouldn't say that it was wrong, just different

Re: pic of upper oil tank mount

thanks a lot for the data.
at my bike the hole in the frame tube does not align with the respective hole in the oil tank. one can also see that the tube is squeezed.
(sorry, i cannot find the option to upload fotos).