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Magdynos for WD Nortons

Having responded to a thread on Henk Joore's general WD Motorcycle forum regarding the different Magdyno models, it seems useful to add some specific Norton information and post the detail here. It may assist in obtaining the correct item or at least in stamping up a replica plate correctly.

Any corrections or observations appreciated !

WD Nortons can be fitted with two different sorts of Magdyno. Generally the 'Face Cam' MO1 but initially the earlier 'Ring Cam' MSL1.

Fitment can to some extent be arrived at from the VAOS extensions to some Spare Parts Lists, but it appears that Lucas revised specifications independent of contract dates. Corroboration is provided by surviving Lucas data plates. All of the WD Norton Magdynos carry the 'AG' model code (AG4 in the case of the MO1s)and the data plate will show a clockwise arrow.

Data plates were initially aluminium, replaced by silvered brass as a wartime economy by mid-1940 and reverted to aluminium after the war.

Some of the images have been uploaded from dealer websites. I hope that they won't mind the free advertising !

MSL1/11 – AG – 462810 – 1936 Range – Aluminium Plate
MO1/0 – AG4 – 463811 – 1937 Range – Aluminium Plate

MO1/1 - AG4 – 463831 – 1937 (March) – C9681 – Aluminium Plate


MO1/2 - AG4 – 463960 – 1938-1939 (November last known) – Aluminium Plate


MO1/4 - AG4 – 465110 – 1940 (First recorded February) – 1945 (January last known) – Aluminium plate to 6/1940. Brass from 7/1940



MO1/6 - AG4/0 – 46012 – 1945 (February –on) – Brass Plate. Aluminium Plate by 6/1947.