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One of first 500 of contract C14498 with leg shields

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Hi Folks,

Crashed and burned here, but using my survival skills to keep going.

What helps is work on those sturdy war horses. Am in need of comments if available.

Page 14 of parts manual on big4 shows number 3742 , one and five eights inches with 26 TPI Bearing locking washer.

My hub is corrupted and thread somewhat damaged.

Before I consider dismantling my wheel to replace the hub, any suggestions on how to proceed for repairs to the internal thread on the hub would be appreciated. I did mange to drive the ring down two threads but decided to back off.

Tap for that size did not come up in search.

I do have another perfect hub if nothing else comes up.

Took apart my big4 engine today, hopefully this will help in removing its piston.

Progress always welcome.

Stay all healthy while able

Thank you