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gearbox oil

Can anyone tell me please is there any other way that is quicker to fill an upright Norton gearbox than doing it through the filler hole and having a cuppa between each miniscule amount or removing the end cover.Thanking you in anticipation. DAVE.

Re: gearbox oil

The 'Army Motorcycling' film shows it being pumped in using the toolkit folding 'Wesco' oil can. It works for me.


Re: gearbox oil

Thank you Rik,will try that, regards,Dave.

Re: gearbox oil

Which oil do you use for the gearbox?

Re: gearbox oil

Hello Martin,

Officially they applied straight SAE 50, identical to the stuff to use in the engine.
Nowadays an SAE80 or SAE90 type is OK but be sure it is of the GL4 type, definitly not of the GL5 type!!!
GL5 will ruin the bronze bushes due to the additives in it.