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Carb code suffix

The spec for the military WD is 276 AE/1BE.
I have a WD16H fitted with a 276 011; which is the code in "The Driver's Handbook" for the same basic model [No dates but it shows grease nipples for the valve guides]
My bike was rebuilt at a field station two weeks before the end of the European war and sports a lorry ammeter, and an Enfield headlamp which was probably put on when it was painted black and sold as old war stock.
Can any one shed light on why the two codes are different, was it just the Military's preference for letters rather than numbers?

Re: Carb code suffix

Hello Jeremy,

276/011-1 was the pre war AMAL identification for the carb used on WD16H. It changed per 1940.
In the older VAOS lists it is noted as AM276/011
It is not known why AMAL changed the coding system.
The carb did not fysically change as far as I know, only the number.
276/406 is a number that can be found on many NOS body replacement parts.

276AE/1BE is a code for the entire carb and float chamber combination. 276, for the intake diameter AE for the carb indicating config (flange or tube fitting) jetting and valve sizes.
1BE for the description of the float chamber e.g. indicating a straight or tilted connection to the carb body.

Hope this clears a bit. You have a correct carb.