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Re: Re: Re: Need Identification on Soviet Units - Sokolow Counterattack

I've found this town! It's near Novograd-Volynsky. It can be called a settlement! I have some information about this battle. It was one from the serie of the counter-attacks of the Soviet 5th Army. They took place in July 10-14 and are called here counter-attacks on Novograd-Volynsky direction.
I found that it was 22th Mechinised corps (Gen. -Major V.S. Tamruchi) who fought against SS division "Adolf Hitler". That time it was very weakend If on Jul. 07 it had 340 tanks, on July 15 it had only 30 tanks: 2 BT, 28 T-26 and 17 armored cars. On the beginning ot the counter-attack (Jul 10) all three Soviet mechinised corps (9,19,22) had together 130 tanks. It's very hard to say what concrete formation of 22nd corps fought against "AH". My sources told me that 19th Tank division of 22th Mech. corps fought vis. 25th Mot. Div. and 113th Rfl. Div. and 41th Tank Div. vis. 25th Mot. Div. and 113th Rfl. Div. and SS "AH" div. No information about 215th Mot. Rfl. Div.
The matter is that in this period soviet recon was very poor and there are almost no information about German troops that opposed Soviet troops.
The other difficulty consists in that fact that there are no data on composition of the troops of the 22nd Mech Corps specified on this period. It's not true to say that they had full strength. In the best case 22nd Corps was equal to rifle division somewhat inforced by tanks.
I have map of the battle of 5th Army from July, 15. Battle of July 10-14 period existes, but is unavailable yet.

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