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Re: 114mm Vickers

In 1916 in Russia bought in Great Britain 400 114mm Vickers howitzers. In RKKA some artillery battalions of cavalry divisions were equipped by them.
On Jan 01 1933 there were 285 howitzers (and in Coastal artillery -6)
On Nov 11 1936 ther were 211 howitzers.
Then Cavalry formations were equipped by 122mm howitzers. There are no data about the fate of 114mm howitzers after 1939, but it's known that German troops captured some of them. To my mind they may be used for equipment of Home Guard divisions or Marine brigades

Re: 114mm Vickers Technical data

Weight - 1370 kg
Length of Burrel - 14.3 calibers
Shell weight-15.9 kg
Initial speed-313m/s
Rate of fire-5-6 shots/min
Elevation Deg. +45
Sector - 6 Deg.
Transport Speed-10-45 km/h
Crew-8 men