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Re: Soviet unit locations July 1 1942

In 1942 the 7th Separate Army was disposed between Ladoga and Lake Onega The Northern flank of frontline (Onega lake - Kola Bay)
was defended by the 14th Army
See also
On June 22:
7th Army
54th Rifle Division - 81st, 118th, 337th (till July 28.1941 and since Sept 19.1941) 86th AR,
491st HAR (till Oct 05.1941, 58th SATB (till Oct 09.1941 and since Jan 12.1942),
388th AA Battery/148thSAAB (till May 25.1943), 366th MB(since Oct 22.1941 till Oct 10.1942),
142nd,200th Ski Btlns (Jan 16.1942 - May 01.1942), 34th Recon Company, 16 FEB, 904th Sep. Comm. Btln

71st Rifle Division 52nd (till Sep 27.1941), 126th, 367th, 131st (since July 27.1941), 20th (Jan 03.1942 - Mar 01.1942)
Rfl. Reg., 230th LAR (till Oct.1941) 237th HAR (since Dec 1941 named as AR)
133rd SATB, 271st SAAB, 367th MB (Nov 29.1941 Oct 19 1942), 74th Recon Company,
128th FEB, 126th Sep. Comm. Btln.

168th Rifle Division - 260th,402nd,462nd Rifle Regiments, 412 HAR, 453 LAR (Data on 1941)

237th Rifle Division ( was transferred into Luzhsky defence zone still in July 1941)

208st Independent Air Defense Division

14th Army
104th Rifle Division 217th, 242th, 273th Rfl. Reg., 290th Art. Reg.,502 HAR. (till Oct 14.1941)
,161th SATB, 391st AA Battery/359th SAAB (till May 29.1943), 369th MB (Oct 14.1941 - Nov 09.1942),
163rd Recon Company/ (163rd Recon Battalion), 276th FEB, 234th Communic. Btln et. al. auxilliary units

122nd Rifle Division 420th, 596th 715th Rifle Reg. 285th AR 369 HAR (till Oct 20.1941),
208th SATB, 252nd SAAB (392nd AA Battery till June 10.1943), 370th MB (Nov 20.1941 - Nov 09.1942),
153rd Recon Company/153 Recon Battalion, 223rd FEB, 256 Sep. Communic. Btln et al. auxilliary units

14th Rifle Division see - www.rkkaww2.narod.ru/formations/rfldiv1_25.htm

52nd Rifle Division - 58th,112th, 205th Rfl. Reg. 158th AR, 208th HAR,
54th SATB, 314 SAAB, 62 Recon Btln, 29 FEB, 7th Sep. Communic. Btln.
In Dec 1941 was reorginized into the 10th Guards. Rfl. Division.
(24th, 28th, 35th Gds. Rfl. Reg, 29th Gds. AR, 14th Gds. SATB, 4th Gds. SAAB (till June 04.1943),
21 Gds. MB (till Oct 29,1942), 13th Gds. Recon Company, 1st Gds. FEB, 82nd Gds. Sep. Comm. Btln

1st Tank Division - -see my page on the 1st Mechinised corps
104th Reserve Howitzer Regiment

Check also my www.rkkaww2.narod.ru/formations/artregim.htm on information on artillery regiments of Armie's
or Front's subordination (unfortunately all info only on 1941)

"Southern Caucasis" ???? It was not a battle zone that time. On July 1942 the German troops were far from the Caucasis
the Caucasis Battle started at July, 25!
Southern Front force on Jul, 25: 9th,12th,18th,24th,37th,51st,56th,- weakend armies (21 Rifle + 1 Cavalty Divisions + 4 Rifle Brigades)
Total manpower - 112,000 men
51st Army - 5 SCCR ARs (457th, 1168th, 1230th ARs + 1188th, 246th ATARs) - 82 guns (20 - 45mm 20-76mm, 42-152mm)
37th Army had almost no artillery as its Artillery Regiments lost almost all guns while retreatment from Don.
12th Army had (374th, 380th,81st -SCCR ARs + 521st SCCR ATAR) 54 guns (16 76mm, 3 122mm, 35 152mm)
18th Army had (377th, 368th SCCR ARs + 530th SCCR ATAR) 42 guns (17 - 76mm, 25 - 152mm )
56th Army had (1195th SCCR AR) 11 152mm guns.
24th Army -no info in my source, but it was removed from the battle ~in August
Total artillery strength (including those in the troops) - 1250guns and mortars
I obtain information on tank forces, but will omit here.....

At Aug 09, the Northern group of Zakavkazky Front was orginized (44,9 Armies, 11 Gds Inf. Corps, 89,417 Rifle Divisions,
52 Tank Brigade, 36,42 Armored Train Battalions, 50th RLR, 132Mortar Regiment)
I couldn't find any Mountain Rifle Divisions that time on frontline. All frontline Mountain Rifle Divisions information on which I obtain (I obtain info on 1-125th Rifle Divisions) were both disbanded or eliminated in 1941.
Some MRD's took part in Iran's operation of Aug 1941 and were deployed there then.
83rd MRD took part in October's Caucasis battles

Also I have no info on deployment of Marine Brigades on frontline that period.......
The same I can say about any Aircraft formations, as I devoted my site mostly to land forces......

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