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Re: Soviet unit locations July 1 1942

Can't answer to you mail as my message hwas filtered as a SPAM

>Thanks much for the information - a lot of information in your post. Also
>some web sites I have not seen before.

Thanks, thats I'm working for ;-D

>I am currently working on scenarios (July 1942) for a computerized version
>of an eastern front ww2 wargame - cyberboard version of Trial of Strength
>(Panther Games, 1985). It is a 'high' level game, mostly German army corps
>and Russian armies, although some lower level units exist - Russian marine
>brigades, airborne corps, NKVD units (corps/divisions?).

I see... ) I also wanted to become an East Front 2 scenario designer, but later I decided to create a site to help other designers....

NKVD - divisions and Armored train Battalions only
At Aug, 09, 1942, 11th Rfl. NKVD Div. accompanied by Gen.-Maj. Timofeev's detachment opposed to the 3rd German Tank Division. on Mineralnye Vody-Essentuki frontline. (Those troops were subordinated from Aug 12 to 37th Army)
At Aug, 28, there was the "Makhachkala"'s NKVD Rifle Division into the reserve 58th Army (deployed in Makhachkala refion)

Novorossiysk Defence operation:
From Aug,19 the144th Marine Battalion accompanied by the 103rd Rifle Brigade opposed to Romanian Cavalry Division near Anasasievskaya

83rd Marine brigade/47th Army was seen at the end of Aug, 21st in Krymskaya vicinity
(Russkoye-Gorishchny-Plavnensky line)
At Aug. 31st ,the troops of 125th German division had broken down the defence of 83rd Marine Rfl. Brigade captured Krasno-Medvedkovskiy
At the same time the Romanian Cavalry Corps manage to breake down the defence of 14th and 140th Marine Rfl. Battalions and captured Anapa town. those battalions were forced to retreat to Abrau lake frontier.
Those battalions were deployed south to Krasno-Medvedkovskaya. and like 83rd Marine RflBrig. had no Anti-tank equipment.
At the end of Sept.01 305th,328th,144th Marine Rfl. Battalions had been blocked on Taman peninsula
142th Separate Marine Rfl. Battalion together with the 2nd Tank Company/126th Sep. Tank Battalion defended Lipki region

The 1st United Marine Rifle brigade opposed to the 9th German Rifle division that was attacking from Neberdzhayevskaya region.
The 2nd United Marine Rfl. Brigade (14th,322nd,142th Marine Btlns) was formed in September for Novorossiysk defence
In the first days of September a part of the Brigade troops took part at the left flank of 47th(?) Army covering Novorossiysk.
Was evacuated from Stannicka region at Sep. 10.

Oct-Dec 1942 operations

145th Marine Rfl. Reg. (324th, 143th Marine Rfl. Btlns) was deployed for Tuapse defence and was set as a reserve.
323rd Marine Rfl Battalion defended Pshadsk's Defence Zone
83rd,255th Marine Rfl. Brigades were subordinated to 47th Army

Approximately at Oct, 19, 83rd Mount. Rfl. Div. was transferred into Black Sea Group
At Dec 05, surrounding by its right flank German's stronghold 3km to the East from Indyuk mountain, by the left flank defended 398.8 hill.
Also NKVD Rifle division took part in the battle for capturing Gizel German Group (Ordzhonikidze vicinity) at Nov 6-12,42

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