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Re: Re: Re: OOB info about Kamenets-Podolsk pocket

Not all... I have much more info about other operations. This one, one of the most interesting, as there was used 5(!) tank armies from both sides is not well described in my sources . Recently I got ~6000 pages of text and dozens of new maps, but still can't handle them. I didn't find among them anything about this operation.
So the map I had sent ty is the single one I obtain now
Also I found OOB's for 60th and 38th Armies for Aug. 1943. No any info on the 1st Gds. Army

Re: OOB info about Kamenets-Podolsk pocket

NOTE: Some data may be wrong as they are given for unknown period!

1st Tank Army:
As the 1st Tank Army was reorganised into the 1st Gds. Tank Army numbers of Guards formations are given in brackets:

6th Tank Corps (11 Gds)
22,112,200 Tank Brigades, 6 Motorised Rfl. Brig.
At the end of the war:
40,44,45 Gds Tank Brig. 27 Gds. Mot.Rfl.Brig.,
1454 SP gun Reg.
399 Heavy SP gun reg.
538 SP gun Reg (362 Gds)
270 Mortar Reg. (270 Gds)
350 Light Art. Reg.
1018 Anti-aircraft Artillery Reg.
53 gds Mortar Btln
85 Mtcl Btln (9 Gds)
85 Sapper Btln (134 Gds)
351 Communic. Btln (153 Gds)

31st Tank Corps
100,237,242 Tank Brigades
65 Mot. Rfl. Brig

3rd Mech Corps (8 Gds)
1st Mech Brig. (19 Gds)
3rd Mech Brig. (20 Gds)
10th Mech Brig. (21 Gds)
1st Gds. Tank Brig.
14th Tank Reg. (67 Gds)
16th Tank Reg. (68 Gds)
17th Tank Reg. (69 Gds)
48 Heavy Tank Reg.
400th Gds SP gun Reg.
35 SP gun Reg (353 Gds)
265 Mortar Reg (265 Gds. )
358 Gds. AA Art. Reg.
405 Gds. Mortar Btln
58 Mtcl Btln (8 Gds)
27 Sapper Btln (133 Gds)
346 Communic Btln (155 Gds)

8th Anti-Aircraft Division (4th Gds)
49th Tank Brigade (64th Gds)
19th SP gun Brigade
17 Motorized Engineer Brigade
11th Gds Heavy Tank Regiment
6th Mtcl. Regiment
83rd Communication Reg. (3rd Gds)
385 Aviation Communication Reg. (191 Gds)
35th Automobile Reg.
81st Mtcl Btln (12 Gds)
71 Mot. Eng. Btln (13Gds)
267 Mot. Eng. Btln (14Gds)
20th Pontoon Btln
6th Repair Btln
583rd Field Hospital

Re: OOB info about Kamenets-Podolsk pocket

4th Tank Army
5th Tank Corps (Jul 26.1943 - Aug 4.1943)
11th Tank Corps (Jul 7.1943 - Ayg 31.1943)
25th Tank Corps (Jul 27.1943 - Aug 10.1943)
30th Tank Corps (since Oct 23,1943 - 10th Gds) (since July 7.1943)
61,62,63 Gds. Tank Brig. 29 Gds. Mech. Brig.
5th Gds Mech. Corps (since Mar 24.1945)
6th Gds. Mech. Corps (since July 7.1943)
16,17,35 Gds Mech. Brig. 29,56 Tank Reg.
3rd Gds. Tank Army
12 (since Jul. 27'43 - 6 Gds) Tank Corps
30 (51 Gds),97(52Gds),107(53 Gds) Tank Brigades,
13 (22 Gds) Mot. Rfl. Brig.
1417 SP gun Reg.
1498 AT Art. Reg.
272 Mortar Reg.
1703 AA Reg.
757 AT Art. Btln.
6 Armored Transport Btln.
66 Mtcl. Btln
127 Sapper Btln
432 Communic. Btln
12 Automobile Refuelling Company
88,93 Mobile Repire Centre
87 Sep. Anti Gas Company
204 Medical platoon
47 Automobile Field Bakery

15 (Since Jul 27'43 - 7 Gds) Tank Corps
88,113,195 (54,55,56 Gds.) Tank Brig.
52 (23 Gds) Mot. Rfl. Brig.
1418 SP gun Reg.
1503 AT Art. Reg.
467 Mortar Reg.
1704 AA Art.Reg.
253 AT Art. Btln.
5 Armored Transport Btln.
89 Mtcl. Btln
135 Sapper Btln
439 Communic. Btln
15 Automobile Transport Comany
71,96 Mobile repairing centre
104 Anti gas Company
190 Med. Platoon
26 Automobile Field Bakery
At the end of the war included:
1419,1894 SP gun Reg.

2 (since Ju l27'43 - 7 Gds) Mech. Corps
24,25,26 Gds. Mech. Brig, 57 Gds. Tank Brig.
91 Tank Brig.
50 Mtcl. Reg.
138 Communic. Reg.
372 Communic. Aircraft Reg.
39 Recon Btln
182 Mot. Eng(?). Btln.