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Re: A few questions

1. Unfortunately I have no information about amount of BT-4 produced. I'm sure only that they did take part in WW2

If I obtain such information I certainly will publish it.

2. It was 37mm paratrooper's gun. Its burrel and ballistics were like 37mm Anti-aircraft gun M1939. A special subcaliber (not sure about correctness of the term translation) armor-piercing shell was designed for it.

Weight - 209-217kg

burrel length-63 calibers

Shell weight - 0.73kg (armor-piercing)

Range-4000m (splinter shell)

Inintial shell speed - 880 m/sec (armor-piercing)

Armor piercing - 35 mm (500m)

Fiering speed - 15-25 shoot/min

Max. vertical angle - 5 Deg.

Fire sector- 45 Deg.

Transportation- on trailer

guncrew-4 men

Image is directly available here:


I think that there are much more guns which you don't know about. As I listed only such that had been producing before and while WW2

3. SU-6 AA SP gun photo may be seen here


It's a photo from my own collection

Photo of better quality may be available in the future when a new book about T-26 will be published.

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Replying to:

Hi AMVAS, I have a few questions for you, or anyone else for that matter.

1. Do you have any information about BT-4 production?

2. In the gun production table, you mention a 37mm M1944. I am unfamiliar with this gun do you have any more information?

3. Could you recommend a source with photographs of the Su-6?



PS - excellent site and getting better all the time!

Re: A few questions-2 - by AMVAS - Jul 3, 2003 2:17am
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