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Thank you

Dear Lesleigh
I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the experience of the sitting with
you last Saturday morning and meeting Malcolm.

I had many, varied thoughts about what had been revealed, especially at the start of the session with the lady with very elegant hands. It suddenly came
to me in an instant on Sunday morning that it could have been my late mother-in-law and this was confirmed by my husband over breakfast. We both felt that everything fitted and that it was more than likely his mother. Sadly she had passed on before I met him but I had the feeling that could not be ignored that it was her. When I asked him to confirm if his mother had had elegant hands that were manicured regularly he said yes, and she used to play the piano. We also deduced that about 50% of the information given was actually for him which was a
great comfort to him.

As for me, I was completely overawed (in a beautiful way) by what happened with my father. Thank you so much for facilitating that communication between us.
I believe that as a consequence of it we will both now be able to move on in our respecive worlds, benefitting from the fact that the spectre of 'crossness' has been neutralised.

I know that we will meet again but I don't know when.
In the meantime, with much gratitude and with love