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Divine Service East Grinstead Psychic Art

Dear Lesleigh and Malcolm

Thank you for the reading on Sunday and also for the psychic picture.I was not sure that it was really for me but felt very drawn to it. I took the picture to show my Mother as after the service it was suggested to me that I should show the picture to her. She is 90 and is now very frail, she is in a home for some respite care.As soon as I put it in her hands she said to me that is your Father and a radiant smile came over her face, she has poor eyesight and can be a little confused at times so I said to her your Father no she said "yours" and most of the message she could take as her first dog had been white. I was amazed she was delighted to have the picture. I think I have a younger picture in my mind of my Father so felt drawn but did not recognise it. Spirit works in mysterious ways and my Mother was uplifted especially as life is hard for physically at the moment.
Thank you for all the messages I was given as well as from Malcolm my life has been very hard recently from all directions so felt very blessed to receive this.
Thank you once again
Love and Light Sheila