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WTS Wide array of surplus gear, most in new or almost new conditon...

I have alot of surplus equip I'd like to get rid of, just Email me if you want to know something about what I have or would like pics and pricing. All will be deals and you will have to pay shipping. Off the top of my head the list is- HGU55 helmet XL with clear and smoke face shields(slight used) and long large mask(new)and BDU bag(used).
-BDU goretex jacket med reg with pants(new).
-various DCU uniforms and a DCU goretex jacket(new).
-Tactical tailor MAV one OD and one Tan(new) both with X-harness and bib.
-Bellville boots size 11(new).
-Tactical assault gear, MOLLE Operators Vest Coyote(new).
-SOE gear 2 quart pouch with smoke pouch and bladder(slight used)
-I have a bunch more lil odds and ends and other gear that I'll post later when I make a real list.

Email   viperrf16  
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