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THALES TASC-1 headset for PRC-148 / MBTR Radio

New-Unused TASC-1 headset for PRC-148 / MBTR Radio

I received this as part of a contractor loadout kit and already had my own tactical headset.

TASC-1 MARITIME Tactical Headset - (shown with submersible microphone) An excellent tactical headset, especially when used under extreme and high-noise combat situations. The TASC-1 is a single-sided headset offering a sound attenuating ear cup and highly adjustable suspension system. Its low-profile footprint allow it to fix well under a variety of tactical helmets. Its suspension system enables the TASC-1 to remain stationary even under the most vigorous activities. This exceptional headset comes with our TCI Tactical PTT and a radio interfaced matched to your radio specifications. The TASC-1 headset style has long been popular with NATO and Special Forces

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