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UK Opera Singers Read

Hello there,

Are you a trained singer who has gone through the UK college system or trained to a very high level, only to find at the end of it all, like me, it was/is very difficult to find work?

Would you like more of an outlet to sing? Would you be interested in forming a singers' co-operative in the south of London? Would you like to form an alternative to Covent Garden/ENO on a very small basis? Remember - I'm talking about about a 'co-operative', not a company with a committee and visiting producers/directors with all its pitfalls and inequalities. If so, email me at

Re: UK Opera Singers Read

I have only just found your message. It looks like no one is really interested, eh?
I have just returned to singing all my classical stuff after a break of 6 years. My voice is still a bit weak, but to get myself back on track I have just taken a year off work and I am now in the final stages of a HNC in Performing Arts. As I say, I just did the course really to get my voice back in shape. So now I am looking for singing work - no way am I heading back to that dreadful hotel industry!!
If you are still interested in getting something off the ground, then please do not hesitate to email me.
Kind regards,