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House Music Vocalist Wanted

I am producer with a Galway based house music production collective called Housetech Productions.
I'm looking to find a singer/songwriter to collaborate on house music tracks we produce.
The writing, production and recording of the track itself are taken care of, but I need to find someone to handle songwriting and vocals.
If you are interested, get in contact, and I can send on a CD.

Re: House Music Vocalist Wanted

hi finished my house demo ,, do the lyrics,melody and vocal good hooks,, good vocal range,, distinctive unique voice
good to hear from u

Re: House Music Vocalist Wanted

Dear Eamon,
I'd be interested to hear some of the music your producing. I am a singer mostly with jazz and experimental electronics musicians, but i enjoy working in different areas including house. i can send you some music to listen to, if you'd like.
With best wishes for your project anyway