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i need some tips please quickly

just recently i've extended my vocal warm up time which helps alot as now i can hit much higer notes than i could before the only problem is after i finish my band practice my throat hurts i dunno weither to stop with the shouts or carry on (hoping my voice will get used to it)... and does anybody know how i can build up my vocal chords to produce such shouts as in rock music?

thanks for your help anyone love olli take care

Re: i need some tips please quickly

FIRST OFF SHOUTS are the worst thing for your voice... But if you should still desire to knowledge to shout then try this before during and after your singing remember to drink lots of water you may choose to add a bit of lemon but the next obvious thing you should do is to rethink the idea of shouting but again if you desire to continue then during your warm up time try to use more of your breathing power and less of your shouting type voice.. but remember that practice makes perfect so with that in mind pick a level of scale or what ever warm up method you use soft begin a soft gentle shout then increase it more every couple of weeks.
But remember that %90 of the "SHOUT" factor comes from the distortion techniques on the mic. there are few people that actually do shout and yell in the mic but if your remember the great Kurt Cobain was beging to lose his voice do to shouting! and if you look around at some of these famouse shouting performers of the 80's and early 90's are no longer around do tp the damage done to their vocal chords!!! other hard rockers like TEd Nugent have managed to practice long enough that the grovelly sound or shouting sound has happened cause of all the heavy smoking/drug/boozing that has eroded his throat. in the bars (with again the heavy smoke) and at concerts venues he has in alot of ways controled his Shouting do to the pain the years of everything else has caused.
You also must remember that the shouting sound has come from years and years of the singers "PAYING his or her Dues" sleepless night after sleepless night years of smoke filled bars hours of practice to get it just right on top of the sleepless nights and the smokey bars has caused the vocal chords to weaken and dry out therefor inorder for that singer to be heard they have to scream and shout and that is how the shouting method began!! So smoke alot, get very little sleep and sing for many hours a day and drink lots of booze and dope and you to can NAIL that SHouting Sound! otherwise apperiate the gift you have and use it wisely. drop the octive or add the accent or give it that STP/Ugly Kid Joe/right said fred sound
even Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker if you listen dont really shout that often they let the music do the effect and the voice does the work!.