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Help with my Singing

Hey ladies and gents,

I have a problem, and was wondering if I could seek advice. I play guitar, and sing, and am starting a band soon. I used to sing in a church choir for a number of years, and so can sing alright.

My problem is, on hearing my recorded voice, most of the time I'm in tune, so that's not the problem, but it's the sound I make that is wrong. I think it might be a diction problem or maybe the problem is where in my throat I sing from, or whatever, but it doesn't sound amazing, but it sounds in tune. Any advice? How can I improve this kinda stuff.

I'm hoping that with band practices and gigs, I'll get better at singing through practice and practice of singing solely with instruments behind me as opposed to with a CD where I can hear the vocals too. Is this a good way of improving?

Many Thanks,

--James Fowler.

Re: Help with my Singing

Hi there,
i can give u couple of pointers and maybe it might a good idea to just get a few leasons with a voice teacher if iron out ur problem. Generally choir singing is great for training in tunes and harmony although it doesn't alway teach specific technique. So my advice would be to keep practicing a 5up 4down note scale of ay-ee-ah-oh-oo (up)ay-ee-ah-h (down), also imagen there is a pencil between ur teeth at the back of ur mouth when u sing so ur teeth never touch but make sure there is not tension in ur jaw, maybe pretend to chew gum in an exaggerated manner before u sing to relax and stretch the muscles.
once thing, if u emerce urself in the emotion and mood of a song i've noticed good diction tends to follow as there is more invested and the body tends to follow the mind in making a bigger effort.
Hope i've helpped..Anna

Re: Help with my Singing

Hi James,

Try the Diction page

Hope this helps
Vocalist Webmistress