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High am new here and was wondering if anyone could help answer my questions

Is it possible to maintain ones vocal ability without practicing? Or does one just lose it over time? As I read in other places on this site, singing has to do with muscles. So is it safe to assume that they just like any other muscles in the body will decay in performance if not used often? The reason that I am asking is because, I have basically taken a year off from singing and am very worried about where I stand in terms of my abilities, I am not exactly sure how much I have lost. I would like to beleive that I haven't lost any of my ablities, but I am unsure it that is a safe thing to assume.
Thank you for your help on this matter!

Re: High am new here and was wondering if anyone could help answer my questions

Think of any great athlete out there right now and then consider how great they would be if they took a year off. Both muscles and mind will weaken and it will definetly take at least a few months to get back, so i recommend u get a singing teacher till u get urself to a good level, just like any sports athlete would. Singer are vocal athletes and need to use their muscles very regularly in order to compete. I like to use a little saying used by many ballet dancers "don't practice one day and you'll notice, don't practice for 2 days and everyone notices."
Hope this helps...

Re: High am new here and was wondering if anyone could help answer my questions


I don't know if it's a matter of losing abilities or losing facility. The muscles you are using in the larynx are very small, and you are using them on and off every day for speech, so it's not as if you haven't done anything at all for a year. You may find that initially they don't respond to singing use so quickly or efficiently. The body is remarkable though, and work will probably bring you back up to scratch.

As your body ages, the responses come back more slowly, so it does depend on how old you are too. A singing athlete does have a longer career than a sports athlete or a dancer, or should have if they use their instrument well. So I should just get stuck in.

I am a singing teacher, and I would advise you to work with someone who has well trained ears and can help you get back on track.