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although i do not sing or write music, i have lyrics,lyrics,lyrics. in fact i just love to write in any style. if anyone is interested in talking to me please email me


Re: lyrics

Hi there Dee....
I am a singer. I've always been a singer and just love to sing!!!! I'm also really interested in writing lyrics for songs. I'm not a songwriter but I can write poetry. I have a good imagination for poetry. Any point in any day I can think of a couple of lines to write for a poem and I'll try and keep that thought in my head so that I can make a poem from it! I love it when I have the thought there, it's when i can't get to right it down and the idea goes that disappoints me!!
If you want to tell me more about your lyrics, tell me what inspired you and what influences you, how you work on your lyrics I'd be very greatful to know!!!

If you want to mail me about it please do at

Thank you and look foward to hearing from you.


Re: lyrics

Hiya Dee! I write many styles of electronic music, and would like 2 check out some of your lyrics .......maybe we could have a more of a chat about it.......could u email me back?...cheers paul.