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Voice Problems

Hey guys...

I have one of those voices that is sorta OK, but occasionally misses the notes and stuff. I've recorded myself and I just have this really flat, back of the throat, nasal tone which just sounds boring.

How do I improve my singing, especially if I'm singing all on one note? It just comes out as a flat dull dirge. I really want to improve my singing... Will I be able to, or is the kind of thing I'm stuck with?



Re: Voice Problems

no i wouldn't say you're "stuck with" this problem as long as ur willing to work on it. i think u proibly need a singing couch because it may be a few things u need to sort out. such as maybe u need to sing more forward, reduce the amount of air ur using and work on developing ur strengh and twang positioning all if these things are addressed on this web-site but a singing couch is ur best opion as they can hear u and give u personal advice.
hope i've helpped

Re: Re: Voice Problems

Cheers Will keep that in mind and look around for a vocal coach. Many thanks.