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Musicians/Singers Wanted

Hello, I am 33, I play guitar, I write songs, I want to form a band. I live in the Oxfordshire area.

I am looking for the following;

A singer, preferably female. Any age who wants to help record a demo, with a view to forming a band to produce original material for eventual live performance. Must have a flexible attitude towards vocals, as I'm thinking of an 80's cover band to gain live experience initially.

Drummers - Ability/Willingness to play a range of styles.
Bass player - Ability/willing to play a range of styles.
Keyboard/Piano or Second Lead Guitarist - Ability/willing to play a range of styles.

My songwriting style is very light rock/middle of road/blues. I do not write hard rock/thrash/dance/hip hop, etc. And I also use solo's in songs....

Please e-mail me if you are interested.