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Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

I'm 23 and live in the Manchester area. I come from a fairly small town and am interested in maybe doing a circuit or something. I love singing and have a wide variety of music I can perform including Alanis Morissette, Evanescence, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, Cher and many more. I sing on a regular basis at karaokes and stuff but thats about it. I got through to the final of a competition last week and it has just whet my appetite even more. I love performing and consider myself to be a talented singer. I'm skint so am finding it hard raising money to make a demo cd. Has anyone got any tips of my best ways to get noticed. I e-mailed an agency who are gettin back to me with an audition date. They also want to know how much I require to be paid.... this is were I go blank. How much does a singer charge??? Hope someone out there can help.

Dawn x x x

Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

thanx for all your words of wisdom everyone. I've had loads of people look at my message but not had a single reply. The same happened on my last post too. So once again, cheers for all of your help and advice.

luv yas all


Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

Hi Dawn,

Sorry for not getting back to you. Thought someone nearer your area would be able to help.

Right I do cabaret singing in the south east. Mainly pubs, clbs, etc. And holiday camps in the summer. A basic pub set is 2 x 1hour sets for around £100 after commission to your agent here when you start. Of course, different areas, different amounts. You should be able to ask your agent basic amounts when starting. They know exactly what they'll be probably be paying they just want to know if you're after getting more. But if you're serious at this then take the cheap rates, impress thme with what you've got and then speak to them about how much more they can offer.

I got an overdraft from my bank to get my pa system together and make a demo cd. But i admit i knew i would probably be able to get work because i used to work in holiday camps as an ents manage so i has some place to start but it can still be hard.

You need to use the internet to find all the agents in your area and hound them. But sound as professional as possible. A demo cd and photo are the main start point. We used our digital camera to do mine, and a local studio. But have you checked out local schools and colleges to see if any of them have a basic studio? Or one of my agents has their own studio. Or years ago when i first got into all this my dad asked around at work and it turned out someone there had enough equipment at home for me to record a basic demo, i.e. me and a backing track.

Do you have your own pa system? I fnot i think this could be your biggest hurdle to finding work. Most pubs and social clubs don't have their own gear so can only hire people who do. If you really work hard on your act though you may be able to impress your agents enough that you get straight into holiday camps (usually have toprove yourself to agents with pubs, etc to get these) and the often do have their own gear.

Do you have backing tracks? When i first started i got some off kazaa (shhhh don't tell). Just put in karaoke and see what it brings up. Not a really wide choice probably but enough to use for demos, auditions, etc.

If you are lucky enough to ge ta couple of gigs you may find, like me, that those first few pay cheques go straight back into buying more tracks and equipment.

Anyway, i think i've waffled enough. Bet you wish i hadn't answered now don't you!

Keri -x-

just mail me if you have any other questions

Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

Cheers Keri,

I don't have any equipment but I've got some software on my PC that enables me to record and have got a few mp3 backing tracks I can use. Suppose I best get crackin and record some stuff! Thanx for your reply. Will let ya know how I get on.

Dawn x

Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

Hi again,

I don't want to turn into some supplier service for everyone coz my tracks have probably come to a bit of money now, but if there is a particular you want to use for your demo and you don't have it, check with me first before you buy it and i can email it to you


Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

Aaaw, cheers Keri.There is a couple of tracks I'm after, thousand miles (dont know who did it but I loved ur version on ur website!) and also ironic by alanis morissete if you've got it. I've already got a copy of ironic but the chorus is a bit dodgy. Would really appreciate it if you could help. Theres a talent contest in manchester I'm gonna enter next week and ironic's my best song!
Thanx, Dawn

Re: Can anyone gimme any advice on gettin started?

Hi Dawn tried to send them but my mail got returned.

Can you mail me so i know i've got the address right.

thanks Keri -x-

ps. Just so you know, yes i have got ironic too