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Sound like ur scared to sing? Question...

Hey people. Ok im a guy who thinks n hopes he can sing! im really self conscious about it. The thing is, i think i sound pretty good in the shower or when im on my own...but when i try sing in front of people...i guess i sound different. My sister (an amazing singer!) sed she didnt like my voice (bullet thru my heart! ) coz i sound like im scared to sing or like im struggling to get my voice out. But i cant exactly start singin at the top of my voice in a small place! ill turn ppl deaf! Anyways, i wanted to ask if any of you go thru the same thing and if n how any of u have overcome it? Thanks for ur help! - JugZ.

Re: Sound like ur scared to sing? Question...

even tho this was posted a while ago, I feel I that i must write and say I go through exactly the same thing. I love to sing and think i do it pretty well, but put me in front of someone, my throte gets tight and my whole body starts to shake, this dosent do much for my singing career. Cant really offer you any advise as i'm not yet passed it either, but I will say keep at it, put your self in a position, join a singing group and sing in front of people as often as you can, you WILL get over the nerves, and realsie that the buzz you get singing infront of people doesnt eve nearly compare to that of singing in the shower!
Take care, and good luck!