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Feeling my way...

Hey guys... I'm an instrumentalist (drum/bass/keys) who kinda started as a singer. Ever since I was a kid I used to sing along to everything (which mostly consisted of DMB and the Phantom of the Opera OCR). Everyone told me I was good, but I figured it was typical 'flatter the kid' syndrome.

Anyway, I'm just now (10 years later) deciding that maybe I do have a modicum of talent in this area. The problem I have is that, like all my other instruments (except Keys), I'm pretty much self-taught, and I'm wondering how I can know that I'm approaching it in the right way.

Does it cause pain or discomfort when you sing 'incorrectly' (in the ergonomic sense of the word)? Am I okay as long as I still feel fine after belting out a few?

Having trained a lot with classical type stuff (PotO), I have a lot of long sustains and vibrato. I have problems transitioning from the bottom of my working range (like the A or B under Middle C) to higher up (Above the C above middle C).

Do you know of any good exercises to improve the ability to transition like this?


Re: Feeling my way...

Hey Daniel, offers loads of good advice on singing technique and exercises. These are a really good starting point, but in the long run -and for the health and safety of your voice- there is nothing better than finding a good vocal coach who specialises in the kind of music you want to sing.
Even if you only take a couple of lessons, a professional opinion on your singing and technique should point you in the right direction!
Hope this helps. Good luck!

Re: Feeling my way...

I want to take lessons, but I admit to being kind of a wuss at this stage of the game. I'm scared to perform in front of people until I somehow get confirmation that YES, I can sing.

That in mind...

Is it normal to get a 'head rush' kind of buzz from really belting one out? It's kind of like when you hyperventilate for a while... the hands tingle a little and the brain kind of shifts a little. Is this okay or is it improper breathing?