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How do you get discovered ?

Hi, I'm a 12 year old female singer and I want to be discovered , I have a great singing voice and when I sing I sound like I'm 18 . My dream is to sing and get record deals and get like the pro's do .
Can anyone help
Thankx , Alexandria Russell

Re: How do you get discovered ?

Sweet heart 12 is very young. Some people try for there whole lives to get discovered, and its not fair as the ones who dont get discoverd are the ones with the biggest amount of talent. And alot of the ones that do get discovered are the ones with no talent at all.
But to be honest I think 12 is to young, you should just sing for fun now, enjoy it and love it. When you finish school and maybe even college audition for things and record stuff but right now I dont think anyone is going to take you seriuosly anyway and thats just cause your 12. Im not meaning to sound horrible and you are probably better than alot of people in the charts, its just your age.
Sorry to sound like a big mean person.
Take care, sing for fun.
Bex. x

Re: How do you get discovered ?

I do agree with the previouse reply from Bex. Wise words, Bex. Age 12 is probably too young, however, Alex, do work on your technique, learn as much as you can about the trade and never lose sight of your dreams!
And please remember: Fame is not everything! Fun is far more important - and if it does bring in some money and priviledges on the side, well, that's a bonus.
Good luck!!!

Re: How do you get discovered ?

I for one don't think it should all be about age. I mean just because you're 12 shouldn't mean that people won't take you seriously. Mind you, I'm almost 14 so I am in the same position as well. But if it a necessity to be seventeen before you start, you could always do it now for practice over the coming years.

Re: How do you get discovered ?

i didnt mean to sound horrible about saying its all about age, but very few young children make it, or they make it and are then forgotten about in yeras to come. I just dont like the idea of a child not having there childhood and missing out on it. I think you should sing if you love it but do it because you love it for now not to become famous, have lessons etc so that when your older you have it all under your belt.
Im sorry to have sounded horible.

Re: How do you get discovered ?

I think Bex has wise words there and I can see where she's coming from too.
If you enjoy singing you should sing, have as much fun as possible and just learn, practice and have fun with listening to what your voice can do.
I don't think it's good to use your voice just to try and get into fame. It's nice to perform and get as much experience with performing in local talent shows and events as possible because that helps build confidence and belief in yourself that you can get up and sing.
It's easy to say that you want to do one thing or another in performing, and getting to your goal takes time too, but if you really work at it, get experience first and as you go find out more about things you can be involved with performing groups, that should help you .
I think if you push yourself into doing too much too soon that's where problems may occur, you don't know how to deal with what's happening or you may not be able to get out of a situation you're not comfortable with.
Just do what you can and learn from other people. Talking to people who do various performing can help too so they can tell you their experience, then you've an idea of what to expect and look out for.

Have fun with the singing and good luck....NEVER GIVE UP...KEEP GOING, it works!