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How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers

I'm only 14 year old girl and there's no chance of me getting a teacher or lessons, but I'm really evry interested in singing, so what can I do to improve my voice. The only serious singing I've done was in a choir when I was younger.

Re: How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers

The best thing to do is to sing along with songs over and over,and recording yourself so that you can listen to yourself and learn to correct your mistakes. good luck.oh, and you need patience as it takes time to become a good and confident singer.

Re: How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers


You can buy CDs and tapes that have singing scales that you can follow and practice with. Go to music shops, HMV etc and look for scales tapes or and also backing or karaoke tracks as it is impotrant to train your voice with scales and also sing on your own without the original singer being heard as well.
Also look on the internet as you may ne able to down load scales and backing tracks onto cd to sing along with.
Godd luck!!!

Re: How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers

Hello people

If you had an expensive car and you wanted to learn to use it correctly, would you just get in and drive or go and get lessons so that you would be safe on the road?

Yes, lessons are expensive. If I could live free I would teach for nothing. As it is, I have to charge for what I do.

Yes, there are some people teaching singing who really shouldn't be, and there is a wide range of ability among the teachers who are good. And it's an unregulated industry so anyone can set themselves up as a singing teacher.

It is virtually impossible to learn to sing without help because as singers we aren't able to hear ourselves effectively. When we hear our voices, most of the information our brains receive comes from the sounds carried to our inner ears by our bones, so when we hear ourselves on tape it's always a surprising business.

Listening to yourself on tape will help you to assess how good you really are, but it may not help you to correct your voice production.

If lessons are out of the question for financial reasons, then why not join another choir? At least you will be making music with other young people, and there will be someone there, hopefully, who is enthusiastic about voices and helpful to you if you ask for a little coaching.

If you really want it, go and get it. Convince someone that you are worth the time, money and trouble that needs to be taken to allow your voice to develop healthily.

Good luck with it all. It's a long road but well worth the walk



Re: How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers

The thing is I don't think my parents would be too agreeable with it, and I don't think I have the time too. Until I'm 21 or something at least. And I can't join a choir too for the same reasons. And I'm not Christian, and the school choir is only a after school activity and students are only allowed to join one, and I'm in something else (I chose before I realised I really liked singing)

Re: How to improve my voice without voice lessons or teachers

why don't you go to one of the music teachers at your school and explain your situation to her? If you are really determined to have a career in singing then you wouldnt be giving up so easily..
my family also didnt support me with my singing so had to wait until I was old enough to get a part time job and pay for my own lessons ...
in the meantime go and talk to that teacher!