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Seeking Hip Hop/ R 'n' B Producers

We are currently seeking talented, creative, hungry, fresh Hip Hop/ R'n'B producers with an ear for the sounds that can't be explained. Bring your risks to show and us us where you want to take it, we are here to listen and move you on towards the limelight.

The Label are wanting producers who are willing to push themselves to the extreme with our Militia soon - to - be - signed artist's.
We want you to work with them not just produce but co-write, develop and test your energising beats on.

This is a chance not to be missed! We aim to secure your best interests by generating you business on demand, securing production deals with major clients and of course introducing you to the 'Family' of Mixers, Masterers, Re-mixers and Distributors etc.

Any race, any gender welcome.

Call our offices on 0208 297 8414 or the Director of the Label personally on 07932 932 004 to arrange a meeting now. Alternatively email and leave your contact details.