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Singer Available

Hi my name is Alexndria I'm a white 12 year old girl that loves to sing And I would like to be lead singer in a band . I live in Edgewater Fl. I will exept bands within the area of Orlando FL. Daytona beach FL. Port orange FL. And edgewater . My fav singer is P!nk & I sing pop And R&b I have a beautiful voice ...

Re: Singer Available

Alex....I think I'm in the same boat as you, very keen to do lots of singing and performing!!
I wish you the best of luck with your singing!

I'm Kate, I'm 22 years of age and I live in the north West of England (Cheshire) I have been into singing from a young age and throughout my life I've just carried the hobby through coz there's really nothing more I enjoy doing than singing and using my voice as an instrument!
I've been having singing lessons for just over a year and in April I did my singing grade 1 exam, which i passed with a merit.
I'm very confident, determined, keen and commited to singing and learning new ways of using my voice. I love all kinds of music, all i would like to do is sing for anyone who wants a vocalist around my area.
If anyone wants a vocalist for recording purposes or someone to sing with, or if a band out there is looking for another member then I'm interested.
I've not got any recording experience, I'm new to that but I am willing to learn and try new challenges!

If anyone is interested and would like to speak with me, if they could reply to this message, I would be really greatful....sadly my email system is currently down. Thanks very much.


Re: Singer Available

Thanx , That's exactly what I'm looking 4 too .

Like I always say ...

Re: Singer Available

This message is really linked to my other message further above. My emailing system is now in working order so if you are interested in a vocalist please email me at:

Many thanks.