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how to get a certain kind of voice


I just have one question
right now I have voice like Amy lee from Evanescence well I can tell I am going that way, it not a bad thing I like the voice I have but I would like to have a rock voice also I was talking to my vocal coach and she calls it a growl like Christina Aguilera has it, if you know what I'm talking about.But I want a voice like chester from Linkin park or Nirvana kinda style

does anybody know how to get your voice to go like that any tips

Re: how to get a certain kind of voice


Re: how to get a certain kind of voice

Hello Erin!

I'm just thinking about this what you're asking.....
I've been having singing lessons for over a year now and recently I've been working on some songs with my tutor, songs like 'Dont Speak' by No doubt, 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia and 'Out of Reach' by Gabrielle.
I was singing these with my head voice, and at first I didn't know how I made the song sound but my tutor thought my voice was a bit too soft for the songs. She suggested i try using more power in my chest and think more on making my voice deeper. She told me I need to think 'chest and low' to get the low deep sound I needed to make the sound more affective and the song more impressive. It felt strange doing this and she told me not to use this technique for long because it can damage your throat, but it was very interesting to try, I felt the change in my voice, and I knew it worked because when I went to using my 'head voice' again my voice kind of squeaked from going out of low range!!
I'm wondering if this will help or if you know of this technique. Whatever technique you do try, like changing pitch in your voice just be careful of the duration you practice this because I've been told it can be damaging for too long.
My tutor told me she wouldn't use this technique with the children she teaches to sing because they're voices wouldn't be developed enough and it could do them a lot of harm.

Good luck with the singing though....KEEP GOING!

Best wishes, Kate. XX