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Hi, I'm new......

Hey, my name's Jennifer and i'm 13. I've never really had any professional vocal training. I was in choir when I was in 2rd grade but that was it. Oh yeah, and I was in the school play in 3rd grade and sang a solo and was asked to sing at "Celebrate Portland's 100th Birthday" or some festival. But, I had a cold that day and so this other girl got to sing my part. It was disappointing. Now, i'm going into 8th grade and i'm singing a solo in the school play next year. We're starting in the summer because it's just easier, u know, and so that we'll be able to have more than just 1 play. The play is "The Little Mermaid" and my part is to sing "Part of Your World" while Ariel is dancing around. Since 3rd grade, I haven't sung at all. A little bit, but not much. Anyone got any advice?

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