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Singing teaching qualification

Cam anyone give me advice about teaching singing. I am 39 yrs old & have been singing for over 30 years. I began lessons aged 9, and for the next 30 years I have had singing lessons from over 8 teachers - 4 of them experts/professors in the Musical Theatre field. I have learned about twang, belt, speeech quality, breathy quality etc and recently I have been looking into SLS (Seth Riggs). I graduated with a 2:1 in Music in 2002. (my 12,000 word thesis was about the Jo Estill method of singing).
I have worked as a pro singer for 20 years & have a wealth of experience as a performer & also play piano, sax & clarinet.
I would like to teach singing to children (so far I have taught my neice an 8 year old - she is doing great!) but don't have any 'formal' teaching qualifications. (I got a grade 5 (distinction) in classical singing when I was 16 - but I'm really not into classical at all)
Could anyone suggest what I could do to get a 'teaching qualification' - I would like to teach contemporary singing - particularly pop & musical theatre to youngsters.
Joanne Wright

Re: Singing teaching qualification

Hi Joanne

You sound like a very experienced and knowledgeable person with a great deal to offer.

Scarily enough, You don't actually need a singing teaching qualification to start teaching. Many private teachers have perhaps less experience than you do. If you were to get work in an FE College (teaching BTEC, HND, HNC) you would be employed on the evidence of your professional experience, and could work towards a teaching qualification while you taught. This would be a Cert Ed, and it's a good way to come into contact with educational ideas. Also the course fee would be subsidised by the college concerned.

The Associated Board also runs what I understand is an excellent course for teachers in private practice -
the Cert ABRSM. This is expensive but I hear good things about it.

Vocal Process also run training courses for teachers. I don't know who validates them.

Good luck with it all.