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I need your help!

Hi there! This is an awesome site and it's been very helpful. I was hoping that someone could lead me down the right track. I am going to be auditioning for "American Idol" in less than a month. I have a background in singing (I was a vocal performance major in college), but the problem is that for the last 6 years I've been a teacher and a bartender and I think I may have really hurt my voice. I have been resting my voice for the last week and a half or so (since I decided to actually go through with the audition)and I have my humidifier and personal steam inhalant going full blast. I have an appointment with an ear-nose-throat doctor, but still every time I sing it's very weak and I am not feeling very confident in my vocal abilities. Is there any advice out there to help me get my voice back on track (and is it possible to do so in less than a month)? Thanks for your time and I greatly appreciate any advice you can dole out.

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