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Quality backing track help please - Katie Melua, Aphrodisiac is You

Hi all,

Please, please hlep me. I have decided I would really like to sing one of the tracks off Katie Melua's album called 'My Aphrodisiac is You'. As it has not been released as a single I cannot find any backing track companies who have it yet, and getting a track custom made is not something i can really justify cost wise.

Does anyone have this track, or know someone who does? Or a musician who could do it for me. I have a big stock of backing tracks if anyone needs a swap of any sort. They're all really good quality, and i actually mean it unlike some of the backing track companies i have looked at then listened to tracks they've done. Just listen to the demos on my website to see how good the tracks i use are.

Anyway. Please please help me!! Or i'm just going to have to wait and hope she brings it out as a single. And then its not going to be something different to perform anyway is it.

Another suggestion would be sharing costs if someone else really likes the song I guess. The more of us that want it the cheaper it gets.

Keri -x-