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some one sort me out!!

I love to sing yet lack the level of confidence needed to actually do anything about it. I'm a very confident girl generally but as soon as it comes to my voice, I get real shy. Its a shame because not only do I love it, but I think I can actually sing, but ask me to sing infront of someone, my throat tenses up, and my body begins to shake, this really isnt a good look, or sound! What Im looking for is SINGING GROUPS & CHOIRS around London, preferably central. I think that if I can start singing with other people on a regular basis, I might grow some very overdue gutts, as singing exclusively in my shower really isnt gonna do much for my career, so please help!

Re: some one sort me out!!

Hi Phatts,
There is a list of groups & choirs here:

and a few have added their details to the new singing teachers directory

Hope this helps