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Movie Firday night lights

Is there a Permian Group meeting together to go see the Movie when it opens in Colorado?

Re: Movie Firday night lights

i just watched this movie..and only because i saw the words odessa, texas in there. when i realized it was permian high,i clung to every word and could not take my eyes from every scene. was this shot in odessa? i lived there many years ago and watched across the street as they built this magnificent school. i played on their field and in the school when it was closed for the summer. i went to burnet elementary and was heartbroken when my father was transferred to ohio. i would have graduated from permian in 1969. i have tried to get in contact with people i once knew to no avail...hope to hear from someone. kris

Re: Re: Movie Firday night lights

hey there,

yeah, it was shot in Odessa for some parts of the film. If you rent out the DVD on special features it actually tells you the places. It was shot in ratliff and at Permian high for a few scenes including the burger shop, but otherwise mainly Austin, TX and areas around there. What really kills me is that this new show "friday night lights" on NBC isn't even going to have MOJO players in it!