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Welcome to all classmate refugees.

If you read my message over at, then I welcome you. If you accidentally stumbled across this site, then welcome. If you're an automated spam bot scouring the internet for email address, then please format yourself.

Anyhow, by the lack of messages over the last decade, it seems that the class of 95 has a severe phobia (or at least an aversion) to the glory that was high school. Myself included?

Cliques have now been re-defined (or re-emphazied)according to the degree of material wealth, fashion (depending if you're married or single) is still important, and attitudes have (hopefully) evolved. By the way, do you still drink the same beer now as you did in high school?

Seriously, tho, I hope everyone's doing great. And I mean great. Not winning-the-lottery great, but drinking-a-cold-one-on-a-remote-beach-at-sunset great.


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