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atkins diet

hi could anyone tell me when looking at the carb content on foods is it the actual carbohydrates that you need to count or is the of which saturates.many thanks ian

Re: atkins diet - carbs and nutrition labels

Hi Ian

It's the 'carbs' you need to look at (for UK food labels). Ignore the 'of which sugars' because it's the totality of carbs you're interested in.

US nutrition labels are different. They show 'total carbs' and then 'fiber' as a subset of carbs. So in this case you deduct the fiber from the total carbs to get the 'net carbs' which are the only ones that matter for low carbing.

UK labels show fibre in its own right rather than a subset of carbs, so the carbs-and-fiber thing isn't an issue for UK low carbers.

You mentioned saturated fat - this isn't relevant at all for low carbing. It's not even very relevant for healthy eating either - there's plenty of evidence that saturated fat is not the villain it's made out to be. Transfats or hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils in margarines and just about every item of shop-bought baked goods are the fats you need to avoid, not saturated fats in their entirety.