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Low Carb is discussion forum
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Is Anybody Here?????????????


I've only just found this site and the brilliant recipe book, and subscribed, only to find the last time anyone visited this forum was years ago! Is there anyone still there?

Re: Is Anybody Here?????????????

Hi Sheena

I'm certainly still here! However, I hadn't received any messages that people had posted in the last couple of months, so I didn't know they were there and hadn't replied to them. I suspect my spam filter!

It's great to know you're finding our recipe book helpful - do keep us informed with how you're getting on with it, and feel free to ask any questions about the recipes or ingredients.


Re: Is Anybody Here?????????????

Hi Jackie

Thanks for the welcome, and for the answers to my questions. I am so glad to have found this site and will soon be trying out many of the recipes.

Keep up the good work!