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am i doing this right?? PLEASE HELP

hi, i really need some advice, ive started the atkins diet and im eating pork, bacon, eggs, tuna,chicken turkey, and chese, im also drinking plenty water.

if i stick to this am i doing it correctly?

will i lose wight if i stick to this diet.

is there anything else i should be eating?

also can u eat sausages, just they seems to be alot of carbs in some of them. at the moment id say im eating less thn 20g carbs a day.

i do drink the odd cup of tea, not sure if thts ok??

id much apriate ure advice, many thanks graham

Re: am i doing this right?? PLEASE HELP

I have been wondering the same, did really well on wk1 losing 9lb wk2 3lb and wk3 1lb this week its looks like either i've stayed the same or put 0.5lb on. Could it be that i'm not eating enough carbs? I'm not hungry at all though just going through the motions, constipated continually although taking max psyllium husks so ready to give up

Re: am i doing this right?? PLEASE HELP

I would like to ask how much of those foods you eat at a meal, like what are your portion sizes? For constipation I'd go to the chemist and get dulcolax it works brilliantly but gently you absolutely must drink piles of water though & exercise helps too. so yea what amounts of the pork chicken etc are you atually eating? I need to know as I'm starting this week so please reply.

Re: am i doing this right?? PLEASE HELP


Eating only protein foods doesn't sound like the Atkins Diet to me. Have you read the Atkins Diet book?

There's a free quick guide to what you eat on the Atkins Diet and how you move through the various phases at You might also find the Easy Guide to Low Carb and Low GI Diets helpful. This is at