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I'm not doing well here as I am starving! All the recipes in the main meals seem so small with nothing to go with them. Can I eat pasta? Other GI books I've got have included pasta but of course they don't say what can go with what recipe. Also, is it a good idea for a pensioner to be following this, albeit a pensioner who does loads of exercise? I lost 4 lbs to begin with but it has all gone back on plus some more as I am so hungry! I hope someone can help me here.

Re: Accompaniments


Very many apologies for not having replied sooner - the email notifications from the forum stopped arriving in my mailbox so I didn't know new messages were there!

I hope you've already got some answers to your questions but if not, here goes.

You shouldn't be starving on a low carb diet and your meals should include plenty of low carb veggies and salads so it sounds as though you may not have got all the correct information about doing a low carb diet. You may find helpful our Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets at This is currently free if you purchase our Cookbook which I mention below.

The secret of doing low carb or low GI is to get a good cookbook which shows you how to make the items that are 'trickier' to do on low carb. Too many low carb cookbooks simply give recipes for main courses that were never carby in the first place! You may like to check out the Low Carb / Low GI Cookbook at as this tells you how to make proper satisfying meals on the diet. It also ensures you don't become bored, by showing how to make low carb versions of your high carb favorites such as pasta, ice cream, bread, pies, quiche, cheesecake, cookies, cakes, porridge, granola and many other treats.

Finally, there's no reason as a pensioner why you shouldn't do a low carb diet - most authorities now accept that a low carb diet, properly done, is very healthy.


Re: Accompaniments

Hi Jackie.
I too am sorry I've not replied as I have just picked this up myself. Since getting a laptop I don't get all the emails and have to remember to go to my desktop to catch up. As you can see, I haven't!

Thankyou for your tips. I am still hungry!! But I shall have a look on your website and really get going on this. I have since been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so I'm hoping some of the weight will come off on its own. But it really needs a helping hand.

Many thanks.

Re: Weight loss problems, hunger and low thyroid


Your mention of low thyroid is interesting. I hope you get it sorted out and, as you say, the weight comes off more easily. Just be aware that there is a big controversy over the tests used to diagnose 'low thyroid' and also the treatment given. Experts such as Dr Peatfield and Dr Lowe think hypothyroidism is massively underdiagnosed and very often unsuccessfully treated with the standard drug, thyroxine (Synthroid is one of the best-known brands). You can read more about this on my blog Low Thyroid and Obesity and Hypothyroid and still suffering .


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