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Low Carb is discussion forum
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I'm on Day Four of The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet. Lost six pounds so far. A lot of fatigue the first three days - as the author, Rose Elliot, said is not uncommon. I was somewhat better today. One thing I still wonder about though, is the high number of eggs I'm eating on this diet.! I had SIX eggs today for lunch, "deviled" with mayonnaise! I love eggs, but have always limited myself to 2-3 a week because they are "high cholesterol."

But what I got from Elliot's book is that the cholesterol is not hazardous when you are also cutting carbs radically. I'm just wanting more scientific data, as she didn't provide any in her book. I'm wanting to be sure I am not endangering my blood cholesterol levels while on this diet.

Re:Eggs - are they dangerous re cholesterol levels

Hi Mojo

I wouldn't worry about the eggs. You may like to read my article at .

There's also plenty of evidence that high cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease in any case - you may like to see some of the links from the Reference section of my page at (see the links to Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Dr Thomas Cowan and Chris Masterjohn to start off with).

Keep the eggs in your diet and best of luck with the weight loss.