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carb labelling

Hi guys, i am new to this forum and live in the U.K. i have been on a low carb diet since the new year and have lost 5stone but i am confused by the meaning of --- 5g of carbs of which 3g is sugar, do i take the carb as 5g or the 3g, thanks

Re: carb labelling


Living in the UK you usually don't need to worry about 'net carbs' - what the packet says for the total carb count is the carb count you go by. If a UK nutrition label gives a carb count 'of which x grams is sugar' then the carb count you go by is the total carb count. (The non-sugar carbs could for instance be starch, which will break down in your body to glucose, just as sugar will).

It gets trickier if you're reading the label of a product made in the US or certain other countries (or if you're consulting a US carb counter). In that case you have to take off the fiber count from the total carbs to arrive at 'net carbs'.

UK nutrition labelling doesn't show fibre as a subset of carbs as US nutrition labelling does, so the issue of net carbs doesn't generally arise for UK low carbers. For more information on this see the 'low carb tips' section of my website at .

Best of luck with the low carbing!


Re: carb labelling

Thanx Jackie, it was a U.K. food label, so in future i will just take note of the full carb count.