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not working! help!

Hello, can anyone help me?
I am female, 39 and have pcos.
I have been on the atkins for about nearly a month now and I haven’t lost a single pound despite the fact that I have been in continuous ketosis for about 3 weeks …
The stix register I am around the middle mark generally but it goes to either side occasionally…but is always in ketosis…
I ama vegetarian and have been eating quorn and a bit more cheese to replace the meat…but everything else is by the book.. and I am always under 20g per day.
I have also been using carb blocker to assist…
‘I have started to reintroduce small carbs now…but seems pointless as I haven’t lost anything.
I have numerous books on this, so I am following it properly – even gone so far as checking the carbs of various medications…but still no luck
I am only 10st at 5’2” so its not like I am obese…I only want to lose about a stone.
I cannot do much exercise due to a back condition but I am completely mobile.

I did this diet a few years ago – actually by accident! – I discovered a meal I really liked and just ate loads of it, over a few weeks and the weight judt dropped off…I lost a stone and a half…I worked out later id inadvertently done the atkins – even though I had undoubtedly eaten bread and sugar in that time… ( I rarely eat rice or pasta anyway, and eat some potato, but not that much)

Any ideas what could be preventing this from working?

Thanks for any help

Re: not working! help!

Hi Jo

It is possible to be "in ketosis" (as in showing ketones on the stix) without burning your own fat stores if you've got enough energy coming in in your diet to fuel your body's needs. In other words, the stix could be reflecting the burning of your incoming fuel, not the burning of your fat stores.

You may have to reduce your total calories.

You may find our book 'Why Can't I Lose Weight - the Real Reasons Diets Fail and What to Do About It' helpful - it explains the many more reasons why you might not be losing weight.