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Alcohol !!!

Can I just say thank you for the quick reply to my email, I am up and running now and finding all the info very useful indeed.
However I do like a glass of wine at the end of a very stressful day. I can change the food I eat etc but want to know how detrimental 1 glass of wine is to my diet. Plus is white wine better than red wine ? Thanks a lot.

Re: Alcohol !!!


The offical Atkins Diet stance on alcohol is "Alcohol is not allowed during the first two weeks of Induction. If you remain on this phase longer,
you can have a glass of wine .... Understand that consuming alcohol may slow your weight loss."

The point being that although alcohol does not behave like a carb, your body will use the energy from the alcohol first, so it may slow or even stall your weight loss. As with many of these things, it may be more of a problem to some people than to others. So give it a try but be prepared to give up the wine if it seems to be a problem for you.

As to whether red or white wine is better, this is not straightforward. I recommend you read Lisa Shea's excellent articles about wines and low carbing at .