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32 lbs off now stuck

Can anyone tell me why I can not lose anymore weight.I have lost 32 lbs in 7 weeks.But now, nothing is coming off.I am drinking water everyday,counting my carbs,working out everyday.Nothing has changed.Well I am now a size 12 and 29 inches smaller.But I want to lose another 30lbs. or so.Does any have the secret to jump start my weight lose again. Thanks

Re: 32 lbs off now stuck

Hi Lori

Just don't give up! You've done so well so far. An average of 4.5 lbs per week! That's far faster than most people lose! Your body is probably just having a period of re-adjustment. One thing to keep in mind is fat cells sometimes try to replace the fat they've lost with the only other material available to them - water. It can take some time for your body to decide to release that water.

The other thing to keep in mind is that muscle is denser and therefore 'weighs heavier' than the same volume of fat. If you've been stepping up your exercise, particularly if you have been lifting weights, you may well have been replacing fat with muscle. If that's the case, then the scales may not show a result but the tape measure will. Replacing fat with muscle is very important for long term dieting success so if this is what's happening, then you ARE getting results.

You may be interested in my book 'Why Can't I lose weight'. This gives a lot more detail on the many reasons why you might not be losing (or appear to be losing) weight, and helps you create a personal action plan to identify and overcome your own personal barriers to weight loss.