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Low Carb for Type Diabetes

As a T2 diabetic I realise I have to get to grips with my carb intake, as a lover of pasta and rice etc this is quite a challenge. I found this site by search engine, but see so many references to losing weight. My problem is that all information on T2 is about losing weight, I do not need to lose weight, and am now on Metformin which can be used as an appetite inhibitor, result I am losing weight! My question is, would these recipes be suitable for me as a T2 diabetic trying to manage carb intake, and not make me lose more weight?

Re: Low Carb for Type Diabetes

Hi Kathleen

Firstly I am not a medical person so I am not giving medical advice of any kind. But what I can say is that there is a growing body of opinion that diabetics, especially type II, do better on a low carb diet, because it is precisely carbs that trigger too much insulin, which causes the cells to become insulin resistant and hence you develop type 2 diabetes.

As I understand it, being too thin rather than having trouble losing weight as a type 2 diabetic is uncommon. Could it relate to any other medical issues you might have? Have you had your thyroid checked?

The recipes in my Cookbook are fine for anyone, not just those wanting to lose weight, because they're made of healthy ingredients. In terms of whether they would make you lose more weight ot not, it's the overall makeup of your diet that will determine this. If it turns out that you need more carbs than a very low carb diet allows, you can achieve this by using the recipes in my Cookbook but eating other, more carby things like say fruit as well. But you really need to discuss what's going on with your doctor.

Hope this helps


Re: Low Carb for Type Diabetes

I am insulin resistant, with a BMI of just under 20, very rare I know, but I have been investigated by the top professors in the uk!!, I too have problems maintaining weight, but it is definitely preferable to get your carbs from healthier sources, beans, pulses, wholegrains, than by high gi products.