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Low Carb is discussion forum
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Hi, I have been living off Atkins shakes for the past three day's. At last I have a reading on my ketosis stick. Do you suppose it would be ok to carry on like this for a while? I'm actually scared to eat anything except meat for fear of counting carbs wrong and meat is so bland on it's own. I realise this is not the way to a healthier lifestyle but to be honest I just want to shift the weight. Maybe I can grow into the cooking as I go along.

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The reason you're scared of doing it wrong is because you simply don't have enough knowledge yet to do the Atkins Diet or any other low carb diet properly. I'm afraid that there is no way round doing some serious reading on the subject. This isn't just about quick weight loss, it's about improving your long term health and to do that you need to know what you're doing. Healthy low carbing or Atkins Dieting is so different to the often incorrect 'healthy eating' messages that get pushed at us (mostly by diet food manufacturers if you look carefully - what does that tell you?) that you need to learn and understand a lot about nutrition and the body's weight regulation mechanisms before you can succeed with it.

I urge you to read Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution and as many other low carb books as you can - some of the ones I recommend are on my website at If you would prefer something in shorter, more summarised form, then I recommend you read my Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets at